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We Are… w/ Paul Camo & George Nelson

London, 16.03.24

Artist, graphic designer and DJ Paul Camo sets out to push the boundaries: free of all restrictions. Jump in the chat and listen as Paul Camo's WE ARE brings you on a voyage through the spectrum of jazz fusion, spiritual jazz, experimental jazz and everything in between.


  • Charles Kieny & Sarathy Korwar
    Duo Improv Excerpt (Live At Moment’s Notice)
  • Horace Tapscott & Everett Brown Jnr
    Marcellus Lll
  • Milton Nascimento 
  • Al Thoulathy Al Mareh 
    Asmar Ya Sokkar
  • Knoel Scott, Marshall Allen 
    Conversation with the Cosmos
  • Moor Mother feat. Orion Sun 
    Ode to Mary
  • Arone Dyer X Stargaze
    Don’t Say
  • Yohannes Kebede, Tamar Osborn & Will Glaser
    44:42 Excerpt (Live At Moment’s Notice)
  • Mårble, dolphin hospital 
  • Luke Titus
  • Mike Reed 
    A Low Frequency Nightmare
  • Gratitude
    Movement II