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WE ARE… w/ Paul Camo & Macaco

London, 07.09.15

Artist, graphic designer and DJ Paul Camo sets out to push the boundaries: free of all restrictions. Jump in the chat and listen as Paul Camo's WE ARE brings you on a voyage through the spectrum of jazz fusion, spiritual jazz, experimental jazz and everything in between.


  • Ennino Morricone
  • Eberhard Schoener 
    Rawana (Der Dämonenkönig)
  • Joshua Abrams 
    Sound Talisman
  • John Pfeiffer 
    Warm-Up, Canon And Peace [For Inharmonic Side Band]
  • Kelan Phil
  • Philip Cohran And The Artistic Heritage Ensemble 
    On The Beach
  • George Russel
    Chromatic Universe Part 1
  • Walt Dickson Quartet
    Alone In The Park
  • Ramsey Lewis 
    Eternal Journey
  • Hollins & Starr
    Feelin' Good
  • Spires That In The Sunset & Hairy Spider Legs
    Ours Is Not The Only Society
  • Spectral
  • Imaginary Soundscapes
    Unknown Track
  • The Persuaders 
    Love Attack
  • General Crook 
    What Time It Is (Part I)
  • Marvin Groove
    B.M. Souls