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What Means the World 2 U: Blue Essence w/ Jonny Mons

Los Angeles, 12.10.20

Join Theo Bark and guest artists once a month as they play and discuss the songs they wants the world to hear.


  • Prefab Sprout 
  • Lins & Ford 
    Lonely Shadow
  • Frank Harris, Maria Marquez 
  • The Blue Nile feat. Calum Malcolm, Nigel Thomas, Paul Joseph Moore 
  • The Cleaners From Venus 
    The Mercury Girl
  • Roxy Music 
    The Space Between
  • Grace Jones feat. The Strictly Unreasonable Zang Tuum Tumb Big Beat Colossus, The Wall Of Men, Wash Them Go Go 
    Slave To The Rhythm
  • The Blue Nile 
    Tinseltown In The Rain
  • Thomas Dolby 
    One Of Our Submarines
  • Judie Tzuke 
    This Side Of Heaven
  • Eye To Eye 
    Nice Girls
  • Octobre 
    Next Year In Asia
  • Fra Lippo Lippo
    Some Things Never Change
  • The Blue Nile 
    Saddle The Horses