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Manchester, 18.09.21

Gigs are back! Whirldfuzzz share some of their favourite tracks from recent shows, as well as new discoveries of fuzz-laden gems from 1971-1976.


  • Crack Cloud 
    Uncanny Valley
  • Los Bitchos 
    The Link Is About To Die
  • Altın Gün
    Erkilet Güzeli (Feat. Los Bitchos)
  • All Girls Arson Club 
  • Rita Lee, Tutti Frutti 
    O Toque
  • Ruth Copeland
    Don’t You Wish You Had (What You Had When You Had It)
  • Los Epiritus
    El Viento
  • Vanishing Twin
    Phase One Million
  • Muito Kaballa Ensemble
    Money Equal Trouble
  • Meridian brothers 
    Cumbia De La Fuente
  • Aurita Y Su Conjuto
  • Cucouma Combo
  • Don Cherry 
    Luna Turca
  • Don Cherry 
    Om Shanti Om