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Manchester, 07.05.17

Whirldfuzzz see in your Sunday evening with their latest discoveries old and new from the global underground of rock'n'roll: post punk, garage punk, afro funk, latin psych, prog, turk jerk, tropicalia and anything in between. Nothing is off limits as they journey off the beaten path and continue to broaden our musical horizons every month.


  • Nico Gomez & His African Percussion Inc
  • Häxxan 
    Ben Zona
  • Paul Ngozi 
    Help Me
  • Mirrored Lips
    Russian Cocaine
  • Tank Girl
    Eh Bhau
  • Kim Sun 
    The Man Who Must Leave
  • Boredoms 
    Pow Wow Now
  • Colomach 
    Kassa Kpa Sama Kpa
  • Hoàng Oanh 
    Ngày Sau Sẽ Ra Sao
  • Uganda Kenya
    Pim Pom
  • Los Yorks
    No Me Deja
  • Luzmilla Carpio
    Presagio De Los Pajaros