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Who's That Girl w/ Pablo's Eye - Oblique Strategies

London, 30.03.20

WHO'S THAT GIRL? is a resounding question in flux, explored each month here on NTS through all her myriad voices.

From spectral soul soundscapes to artists' aural portraits, metaphoric sonic spoken voyages and always everything of the space between, each show is a radio art transmission inspired by all those deeper fe/male im_pulses that poetically beat from an Other(s) side of a different drum.


  • Brian Eno 
    Sparrowfall (1)
  • P J Harvey 
    The Garden
  • Tinariwen
    Tamodjerazt Assis (Regret Is Like A Worm)
  • João Gilberto 
  • Brass Monkey
    The Death Of Nelson (The End)
  • Chet Baker 
    Blue Room
  • Nino Rota 
    Le "Manine" Di Primavera
  • Pair Of Duduk
    Ashgabat Turkmenistan
  • Chet Baker 
  • Bernard Herrman
    Diary Of A Taxi Driver
  • Duke Ellington 
    Reflections In D
  • Ennio Morricone 
    The Sicillian Clan
  • John Cage
    Six Melodies No.3
  • Duke Ellington 
  • Brian Eno
    Chest Of Drawers
  • Caetano Veloso 
  • Miles Davis (John Guerriere, Russ Payne, Stan Weiss mix) 
    Lonely Fire
  • Alexander Knaifel 
    Amicta Sole (Clothed With The Sun) For Soloist (Female) Of Soloists
  • John Coltrane 
    After The Rain
  • Paul Bowles 
    Love Song
  • Joanna Newsom 
    Go Long
  • Stravinsky 
    Ebony Concerto
  • Brass Monkey 
    The Loss Of The Ramillies
  • Pablo's Eye 
    AMB 8