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Will & Yousif

Manchester, 11.07.20

Catch some of the brains behind the brilliantly named Handsome Dads label - Will & Yousif gunning some totally left selections. Could be contemporary hip-hop, could be post-punk, could be prog: anything goes, but it goes well.


  • Baghdad Radio
    1991 Field Recording
  • Hussam Alrassam
    Chobi Iraqi Ela Ya Helwa Komy
  • Ihab Tawfik
    Ya Ghazal
  • Unknown Artist
    Choubi Choubi
  • Alaa Abdel Khalek
  • Munir Bashir
    Makam Bayat
  • Unknown
  • Omar Souleyman 
    Warni Warni
  • Hamid El Shari
  • Souad Abdullah 
    Title Unknown