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Flying Lotus - Flamagra vs. Wxaxrxp Mix

London, 22.06.19

With Flying Lotus

Almost an hour of new music from the LA beat scene lynchpin, with appearances from George Clinton, David Lynch, Thundercat and others.

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Collection: WXAXRXP Highlights


  • FlyLo
    You’re Different Now (Unreleased)
  • FlyLo
    A Dog Among The Ruin (Unreleased)
  • FlyLo
    Throwing My Phone At The Wall If You Call (Unreleased)
  • FlyLo
    Your Floppy Friend Soulja Boy (Unreleased)
  • Thundercat feat. BadBadNotGood 
    King Of The Hill
  • Buddy feat. Ari Lennox, Bas, Guapdad 4000, J.I.D., Kent Jamz 
    Link Up
  • Flying Lotus 
    Do The Astral Plane
  • Flying Lotus 
  • Flying Lotus
    Dope Dogs George Clinton Unreleased
  • Shintaro Sakamoto
    Disco Is (Sunuske Ono Remix)
  • FlyLo
    Takashi (Rework) *
  • FlyLo Feat. Iglooghost
    Takashi (Remix)
  • FlyLo
    Your Grinder
  • FlyLo
    Crash The Server Ft Denzel Curry / Unreleased Carole And Tuesday
  • FlyLo Feat. David Lynch
    Fire Is Coming (Little Snake Rework)
  • FlyLo
    The Clearing (Blade Runner 2022)
  • FlyLo
    Roach Music
  • FlyLo
    Cyclic Bit (Raymond Scott Cover)
  • Flylo
    The Seed (Unreleased)
  • FlyLo
    Coool Ft. Sir Unreleased
  • Brandon Coleman (Flying Lotus mix) 
    Walk Free (Flying Lotus Remix)
  • Flylo
    Carole And Tuesday Sdtk Unreleased
  • FlyLO
    Cemetery Love Story Ft Aja Monet (Unreleased)
  • FlyLo Feat. Niki Ranada And Miguel Atwood
    Just Restart