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Yesterday's News

Los Angeles, 25.03.20

Yesterday's News: a thorough re-cap of the finest in punk, noise, garage and other ratty guitar sounds from the past few decades.


  • The Dogs 
    Rot 'n' Roll
  • The Pointed Sticks
    I’m Numb
  • The Cold 
    Three Chord City
  • The Zipps 
  • Comets
    Big Business Jokes
  • Cheese 
    She Said
  • The Boys
    You Make Me Shake
  • Bee Vamp 
    Our Eyes Met Across The Disco Floor
  • Non Band 
    Duncan Dancin'
  • M 
    Pop Muzik
  • Pankri
    Totalna Revolucija
  • The Media 
    T.V Kids
  • Male 
  • Chainsaw 
    What Goes On
  • Babeez
    Donwanna Love
  • Blitz
    We’re OK So Sod You
  • The Mortal Micronotoz
    Old Lady Sloan
  • Stiphnoyds 
    Mom's A Fake
  • Prlijavo Kazaliste
    U Ratu
  • The Buttocks 
    Nein, Nein, Nein
  • Psychic TV 
    Horror House