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Sacred Space: Chutney Soca Special W/ Radha & Hema (Her Mom)

Los Angeles, 26.06.20

Radha invites her mom onto the airwaves to share songs from a special soca mixtape from the 80s. Indo-carribean, bhojpuri, calypso & more.


  • Byron Lee & The Dragonaires
    Only A Fool
  • Stanley & The Turbynes 
    In A Mi Prime
  • Lovindeer 
    Wild Gilbert
  • Becket 
    Since Ah Small / Dance Hall Soca
  • Malaysia Vasudevan
    O Roju
  • Kaise Bani
    Babla Kanchan
  • Byron Lee & The Dragonaires 
    Tiny Winey
  • Drupatee 
    Mr. Bissesar
  • Unknown
    Lilawattie (Afro Guyanese Version)
  • Atiya 
    Jenney Do (Let's Live)
  • Salty Edwards
    Lotay Lah
  • The Mighty Sparrow
    Calypso Twist
  • The Fabulous Five 
    Shaving Cream