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A History of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival w/ Danny Fitzgerald


Selector and journalist Danny Fitzgerald presents a radio documentary on Trinidad and Tobago carnival, a haven for calypso and soca music which normally takes place each year on Ash Wednesday.


  • Lord Kitchener 
    Carnival Time
  • Port Of Spain
    Morning (1956 Emory Cook Field Recording)
  • Unknown Steel Band
    Tuning Of A Ping Pong (1956 Emory Cook Field Recording)
  • Duke Of Iron And Growling Tiger
    History Of Calypso
  • Patrick Jones 
    L'Année Passée
  • Plaisance Village Musicians
    Kalenda (1962 Alan Lomax Field Recording)
  • Matthew Thomas
    Interview About Stickmen (1962 Alan Lomax Field Recording)
  • Rampanalgas Village Musicians
    Somebody Go Dead (1962 Alan Lomax Field Recording)
  • Small Island Pride, Roderick Borde And His Calypso Kings 
    Cannes Brules Carnival
  • Mighty Wrangler
    Bongo Man
  • Diego Martin Musicians
    Bongo Macedonia (1962 Alan Lomax Field Recording)
  • Freddy Grant And His Caribbean Troubadours
    Dame Lorraine
  • La Petite Musical
    Zingay Ta La La
  • Lion And His Calypso Cubs
    Kalenda March
  • Andrew Beddoe And John John Village Council
  • Vasco De Freitas Of Maraval
    Rolo De Ganja (1962 Alan Lomax Field Recording)
  • Lord Invader, Macbeth The Great, The Duke Of Iron 
    Calypso War
  • Trinidad Limbo Orchestra 
    Limbo Like Me
  • Lord Kitchener 
    Is Trouble
  • Mighty Sparrow 
    "Jean & Diana" Yankee's Gone
  • Port Of Spain
    Night (1959 Emory Cook Field Recording)