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The Spaces In Between w/ John Gómez

London, 25.08.21

London DJ & record collector John Gómez finds the spaces in between - finding music from across the globe that emerges from the liminal zones between different places, times, and styles.


  • Shadow 
    Freedom Street
  • Little Seven Orchestra
    A Doodle A Doo
  • Elsworth James 
    Your Mistake
  • Sensational Roots 
    Calypso Zest
  • Melanie Hudson 
    One Nation
  • Toucan 
    If Only In My Dreams
  • Derek "Onederful" Antoine 
    Tu Tu's Way
  • Network Rapso Riddum Band 
    Ring De Bell
  • Joe Cooper Project
  • Harry Panday (The King) 
    Love Your Mother And Father
  • Andre Tanker 
    Wild Indian Band
  • Karega Mandela 
    Mash It Up
  • Bro Resistance
    Nation Time
  • Superblue
    Who Is De Daddy (Billie Jean)
  • Roy Cape All Stars 
    Sing Yuh Song
  • Peter Campbell
    Lover Instrumental (Interference Dub)
  • De Alberto 
    Carnival Time (Club Mix)
  • Aubrey Mann 
    Feelin' Alright Tonight
  • Double D Feat. Rikki Jai
    Tassa Riddim (Chip Riddim)
  • Windsor Musicians
    Basdeo Jaikaran
  • Alpha & Omega 
    Politrix (Version)
  • Fusion 88
    Soca Spirit Syndrome
  • Touch
    Touch Music
  • Arrow 
    Groovemaster (Acid Soca House Dub)
  • 3 Canal 
    Blue (DuDup Remix)
  • Chinese Laundry 
    Playa President
  • Trevor B 
    Dance (Mix)
  • Rikki Jai 
    Show Me Your Motion (ReMix)
  • Peter Sandy 
    Get Up Girl
  • Mandingo Brass 
    Everything Looks Better From A Distance