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Yu Su

Kaifeng, 20.09.22

With Yu Su

Kaifeng based DJ & producer Yu Su cooks up an hour of warm meanderings once a month.


  • Wine Mad
    Yao Bingyan
  • Pablo's Eye 
    That Night Together With Her
  • Kmru
    Luminous Beings
  • Joseph Shabason & Vibrant Matter
    Ah Bah Dee
  • Nigel Rolfe 
  • Sam Gendel
    Tate-Waku (竪沸く, Rising Steam)
  • Sonny Ism 
    Clock Without Hands
  • Unloved
    Thinkin’ Aboutc Her
  • Stereolab 
    Come And Play In The Milky Night
  • Golden Ivy 
    Kläppen II
  • Motoharu Sano 
  • Lili 
    Anque Yo ...
  • Oorutaichi 
    Yori Yoyo
  • Grauzone 
    Marmelade Und Himbeereis
  • King Crimson 
    Matte Kudasai (Alternative Version)
  • Black Monday
    The Golden Filter