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Yu Su

Kaifeng, 09.02.21

With Yu Su

Kaifeng based DJ & producer Yu Su cooks up an hour of warm meanderings once a month.


  • Aiden Ayers & Scott Gailey
  • The Colours That Rise 
    Polo 1.2 (Live)
  • Madlib 
    Road Of The Lonely Ones
  • Neighbours
    11 To Gardiner
  • Height/Dismay 
    Mother's Footsteps
  • Elephant Jams
    Transient Communications
  • Wyn MT 
    Time Waster
  • Kid Fresino feat. Campanella 
    Girl Got A Cute Face
  • Kuniyuki Feat. Anne Clark
    Between Shadow And Lights (Original Mix)
  • Neinzer 
  • Frog Of Earth 
    The Mouth
  • Hotspring