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Paris, 20.05.21

A monthly session from Zaltan, the Paris-based DJ and Antinote label owner, running through everything from dub to new wave…


  • Base Acadamie
    House Of Joy
  • Army Of Lovers 
    My Army Of Lovers
  • Macufage
    Ô Barbares
  • LKJ
  • Urban Jazz Ritual 
    Car Crazy
  • Ghia
    What's Your Voodoo?
  • Suzanne Kraft 
    Waiting (Single Version)
  • Dip In The Pool
    Asu No Enishi
  • Home Service 
    Only Men Fall In Love
  • Oorytaichi
    Misen Gymnastics
  • Nu Moodie 
    Woman Woman
  • Jeff & Jane Hudson 
  • Laura Nyro 
    Sexy Mama