Live now

Idle Hands w/ Zane Landreth

Los Angeles, 11.01.23

Modern melancholia, waves from yesterdays, teenage rebellion and electronic electronics.


  • Hole Dweller 
    A Last Sip Of Orange Sweet Cream
  • Sarita Idalia
    Time Passed Away With Us
  • Sadness 
    In The Distant Travels
  • No Point In Living 
    I Will Die Tomorrow...
  • Deadlife 
    Born Into Nothingness
  • NONE 
  • Old Sorcery 
    In A Forest Trapped
  • Hekseblad 
    The Baron’s Lament
  • Wampyric Rites 
    The Ancient Tyrant Returns From The Deep Grave
  • Winter Lantern 
    Sacred Key To The Heart Of Winter
  • Till
    The Wild's Dark Call
  • Maleficent
    Before The Sun Dies
  • Këkht Aräkh 
  • Order Of Nosferat 
    Whispers From The Master's Tomb
  • Kūka'ilimoku 
    Godhead Hammered Into The Sand
  • Ifernach 
    A Winter Tree Clad In Black Frost
  • Vampirska 
    Astral Transfixion: My Heart Devoid Of Any Entity
  • Spectral Wound 
    Frigid And Spellbound
  • Sargeist 
    Empire Of Suffering
  • Obtained Enslavement 
    The Seven Witches....
  • Hole Dweller 
    With Dreams Of Adventure, I Smoke From My Longpipe Beneath The Stars