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Anoushka Lucas

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Anoushka Lucas

Anoushka Lucas has been played on NTS in shows including Phil's Jazz Dis-Junction, featured first on 6 October 2019. Songs played include Water Under the Bridge.

Anoushka Lucas is a singer/songwriter from London, UK.

Anoushka Lucas hails from Hammersmith, London where she was raised on a diet of vintage rock ‘n’ roll and jazz standards. She has been singing on and off stage since the age of 12. Fresh out of university, Anoushka has just released a self-titled EP featuring 5 original tracks with an eclectic mix of melodies, united by beautifully crafted lyrics and above all, a breath-taking voice.

Water Under the Bridge
Anoushka Lucas
Key Red Ltd.2019
Water Under the Bridge
Anoushka LucasKey Red Ltd.2019