Meet Our New Residents

16.02.21 words by Niall McKenna

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We've just revealed another batch of new residents hosts joining our schedule for Spring '21. The recent additions to the station’s worldwide broadcasts cover a wide range of artists and DJs, from Uniquu3, one of the most enduring figures in the Jersey club scene, to Laurel Halo, presenting a radio incarnation of her newly founded record label, Awe. Drag queen and ‘confrontation popstar’ Cindy Lee’s shows explore pop and Americana from the ‘60s and ‘70s, whilst infamous London selectors Sherelle and Naina host a new residency for their shared label, Hooversound.

Nyege Nyege affiliate Kampire will also be starting a regular radio residency, showcasing the burgeoning African electronic scene, as well as Chicago’s R’n’B singer and producer KeiyaA. Other new additions include Tim Reaper, hosting a new breakbeat hardcore and jungle focussed series, the celebrated club sounds of DJ Nobu, and wistful lowkey pop from Oklou.

You can check the full list of additions below:



Asher G

Baba Stiltz

Black Noi$e

Carlos René

Cindy Lee

8ULENTINA & Lara Sarkissian

DJ Nobu

DJ Taye

Sherelle & Naina





Laurel Halo


Nailah Hunter



Richard Dawson

Temi Kogbe

Tim Reaper


Veronica Vasicka

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