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BFDM w/ Phatt

Marseille, 14.12.20

BFDM, a.k.a Brothers From Different Mothers, are the snottiest techno label around. Non-stop crunch rollers, all the way from Lyon - tune in for an hour on 2, monthly Mondays.


  • Conquering Lion 
    Code Red (Wild Apachi Mix)
  • Dillinger 
    Tear Down (Da Whole Place)
  • DJ Rap 
    I Can't Stop
  • Intalex
    What Ya  Gonna Do
  • The JB & Ascend
    Let It Go
  • Urban Shakedown (Nookie mix) 
    Some Justice 95 (Nookie Remix)
  • Omni Trio 
    Living For The Future
  • DJ Harmony (Harmony mix) 
    Let Me In (Harmony Remix)
  • Lemon D 
    Manhattan Melody
  • Origin Unknow
    Truly One
  • Dr. S. Gachet 
    Remember The Roller
  • DJ Krust 
    Set Speed
  • Omni Trio 
  • Tom & Jerry
    Tom & Jerry ( Feat Irini )
  • Swift 
    Little Touch
  • Die
  • Da Dogz 
    Non Stop
  • Ruff 2 Da Move
    Bodyrock Jungle Mix
  • Adam • F • 
  • Run Tings 
    Brand X
  • Original Vibes
    Blow Your Mind
  • Top Cat 
    Smoke The Sensie (Jungle Mix)
  • Andy C & Shimon (Liftin' Spirits mix) 
    Quest (VIP)
  • Tease
    Dj Nut Nut
  • 24.Dj Flash Feat Fearless
    Pulp Fiction  ( Easy Does It )
  • Dillinja 
    Deadly Deep Subs
  • Phatt
    Don’t Be Fool
  • M Beat
    Sweet Love Ft Voltress