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BFDM w/ Kurtis Lo & Judaah

Lyon, 04.09.17

BFDM, a.k.a Brothers From Different Mothers, are the snottiest techno label around. Non-stop crunch rollers, all the way from Lyon - tune in for a couple hours on 2, monthly Mondays.

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  • Rob-N-Steal
    Life On The Line (Remix) (Fed Version)
  • Finsta Bundy
    Feel The High Pt. II (Clean Version)
  • The Mischievous LQ
  • Godfather Don
    Ain’t None Left
  • Dangermouse
    The System
  • Half-A-Mill
    Another Homicide Scene (Vocal)
  • Smoked Out Productions
    Styles (LP)
  • Alps Cru
    All Alone
  • Amar
    Concrete Jungle (Main Version)
  • Ghetto Concept
    Hard Copy (Vocal)
  • PHD
    I Am The Authentic (Acappella)
  • Ruggedness Madd Drama
    Make U Go Crazy
  • Big Sha of Zig Zag Zig
    Reload The Clip
  • Draztic
    I Damage The Mic
  • True Form
    Tru-Form (Vocal)
  • L.
  • People Without Shoes
    Escape The Streets
  • World Renown
    How Nice I Am
  • Braintax
    Future Years (Instrumental)
  • Moonrocks & Prince Jazzbo
    Unite Jah People
  • Barrington Levy
  • Dennis brown / Brigadier Jerry
    Mr. Talkative
  • Errol Gordon
  • Little Kenny
    King Of Kings 7
  • Ranking joe
    Dreadlocks Time
  • Rappa Robert
    7 Miles Of Black Starline
  • The viceroys
    Ain't Nobody Love Nobody
  • Terry Ganzie
    Jah Love
  • Queen Majesty
    Bunny Brown
  • Sizzla
    Do Some Good
  • Grindman
    Rude Boy No Powder
  • Bounty Killer / Frankie Paul
    The Real Score
  • Bounty Killa
    Spy Fi Die
  • Beenie Man
    World Dance
  • Bounty Killa/TOK
    Man Ah Bad Man
  • Sizzla
    Nah Apologize