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Adam Oko

Tokyo, 17.02.17

With Adam Oko

Monthly transmissions from Tokyo-based artist Adam Oko, regularly joined by like-minded guests from around the globe. Airing a diverse range of musical recordings from the past six decades, woven together with a deft touch.


  • Dominique Lawalrée 
    Post - Scriptum
  • John White 
    Scene De Ballet
  • Isan Slété 
    Lai Ngua Khuen Phu
  • Futuro Antico 
    Sinikoro Kuma
  • Les Cèlébres Gamalan De Bali
    Gender Wayang: Ansarun
  • Vito Ricci 
    The Lotus Leaf Floats On The Lake
  • Fripp & Eno 
    Evening Star
  • Yumi Murata 
  • Beverly Glenn
    Copeland - Sunset Village
  • Robert Wyatt 
  • Kingdom Of The Sun
    Torallay Toro
  • Henry Cow 
    Extract From 'With The Yellow Half-Moon And Blue Star'
  • Hatfield And The North
    Your Majesty Is Like A Cream Donut (Quiet)
  • 41 Degrees
    Silent Town
  • Perfect Zebras 
    Love's An Illusion
  • General Strike 
    Danger In Paradise
  • Modern Eon 
  • Vivien Goldman 
  • Nicholas Marlow 
    City Life