Live now

Adam Oko w/ Broshuda

Tokyo, 20.11.22

With Adam Oko

Monthly transmissions from Tokyo-based artist Adam Oko, regularly joined by like-minded guests from around the globe. Airing a diverse range of musical recordings from the past six decades, woven together with a deft touch.


  • Dreampeter 
    In A Tunnel (With Mike And Evan)
  • MARV 
    Present Worth
  • Lee Evans 
    Ramesside Dream Manual
  • NR, MA 
  • frere tuck 
    bitcoin dragon
  • Hoavi 
    Metro | Mysli
  • Rush 2 ????
    Those Gathered
  • Vic Bang 
    Ni Oro
  • Meyers 
    Balloon Étude
  • Hotspring 
    Warmlight V365
  • John F.M. 
  • Jib Kidder 
    small birth!
  • Haruomi Hosono 
  • Sam Gendel
    12 Two-Tone
  • Andrzej Nowak 
    Double Double
  • G.S. Sultan 
    Ansonia 83
  • Mister Water Wet 
  • Matt Evans 
    Mount Neon
  • Bellows
  • Keith
    Enter Lemur
  • Terre Thaemiltz
    Residual Expectation
  • LXV 
    Things That May Not Be Connected II
  • Charlemagne Palestine 
    Three Perfect Fifths, A Major Second Apart, Reinforced Twice (1973)
  • Broshuda
    Hssn Chop (Kindred Live Edit)
  • Broshuda
    Etwas Kommt Zu Tage Soundtrack Excerpt (Arianna Waldner Edit)
  • Broshuda
    Channel Orange / Places Skit
  • Glot
    Close Enough
  • Matteo
    Vox Your Nu Yr Resolution
  • Broshuda
    Unreleased C E Sound
  • Broshuda / Joane Skyler / Glot
    Untitled C E Edit
  • Die Nadeln
    Untitled / Unreleased / Jame Excerpt
  • Zomby 
  • Die Nadeln
    HS Edit
  • Die Nadeln
    Pentium Multicore Skit
  • Die Nadeln
    Klanglabor Excerpt
  • Die Nadeln
    Unknown Track
  • Broshuda
    Iron Claw
  • Burago 
  • Vtgnike 
    Hi Fashion
  • Vtgnike
    Unreleased / Forthcoming
  • Broshuda
    If It Ain’t (Unreleased / Forthcoming)