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Adam Oko w/ Ryo Nakahara

Tokyo, 25.11.18

With Adam Oko

Monthly transmissions from Tokyo-based artist Adam Oko, regularly joined by like-minded guests from around the globe. Airing a diverse range of musical recordings from the past six decades, woven together with a deft touch.


  • Yoichiro Yoshikawa 
  • The Gamelan Son Of Lion
    Solar Winds
  • Ichiko Hashimoto 
    Opening The Door Of Heaven, There Overflowed The Orange Shine
  • Michael Galasso 
    Scene VI
  • Animal Collective 
    The Softest Voice
  • The Entourage Theatre & Music Ensemble
    Days (Early Version)
  • Vincenzo Zitello 
    Arcangelo Gabriele
  • Renaldo And The Loaf
    Bali Whine
  • Robert Hollis And Christopher Swartz
  • Sheila Chandra 
    Quiet 7
  • Cotton Mather 
  • Frank Dullaart 
    Trans Harmonic Dream
  • Gil Mellé 
  • Ghédalia Tazartès 
    Voulez- Vouz?
  • Shlomo Bat
    Ain - Night
  • Lupus
    You Open My Legs Like A Book
  • Cloud Dance 
  • Colin Offord 
    Feathered Tiger
  • A.K. 
    He Whakapapa
  • Le Streghe 
    Kapua Pele Ea
  • Erick Montgomery 
  • De Leon
  • Morgan Fisher
    Erick Gymnopedie #1 (Sugar Plum Piano/Water Bell Synthesizer)
  • Jay Clayton 
    7/8 Thing