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Adam Oko w/ Nu Garcon

Tokyo, 30.08.20

With Adam Oko

Monthly transmissions from Tokyo-based artist Adam Oko, regularly joined by like-minded guests from around the globe. Airing a diverse range of musical recordings from the past six decades, woven together with a deft touch.


  • AV Moves
    I Don’t Mind Waiting
  • Atlas Sound 
    On Guard
  • Prefuse 73 
    Simple Loop Choir (Bad Memory Version)
  • Wizard Apprentice 
    You Won
  • Teresa Winter
    Anatomie De L’enfer
  • Henry Kaiser 
    Free To Choose
  • Yama Warashi 
    Find And Lost Cuckoo
  • Flying Ibex
    Truth’s An Addiction
  • Dirty Projectors
    My Off White Flag
  • Keope 
    Be Free, Two
  • Emerson Kitamura
    Rock You Baby
  • Wilson Tanner 
    Safe Bird
  • Josiah Steinbrick 
  • Elan Tamara, Dimitri Grimm 
  • Icy Demons 
  • Jonti
    Midnight In Blue (Alternate Version)
  • Suko & Modus 
    In Another Dimension You're Happy
  • Guillermo Scott Herren 
  • Isotope 217° 
    Audio Champion
  • Captain Beefheart, The Magic Band 
    My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains
  • Jeff Gilson
    Amore Ny Canal
  • The Beatles 
    Ask Me Why
  • AmmonContact 
    Super Eagles & Black Stars
  • David Byrne, Brian Eno 
    Strange Overtones
  • Sahra Gure
  • Bison Bonasus
  • Ariel Pink
    Sit N Spin
  • Daedelus Ft Subtitle
  • Nu Garcon
    So Sure
  • Jerry Paper 
    Everything Is Shitty
  • Pamela Samiha Wise 
    Marcus Garvey
  • Sa-Ra Creative Partners
    It’s You
  • Silk Bless
    DO YOU
  • Nicholas Britell 
  • Chineduoh
  • Electrelane 
    You Make Me Weak At The Knees