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Alexander Nut

London, 09.03.21

With Alexander Nut

Eglo Records' main man Alexander Nut joins NTS every other Tuesday evening for some slick late night futurism. Broken beat, soul, and whatever else happens to take his fancy.


  • Fauzia 
    Stormy Days
  • Alicia Keys feat. Diamond Platinumz 
    Wasted Energy
  • 10.4 Rog
    Planet Loops
  • Figmore
    Black Velvet
  • Patrick Paige II feat. Allen Love, Durrand Bernarr, Steve Lacy 
    Whisper (Want My Luv)
  • Etta Bond
    On A Beach
  • Shelly Aka Dram
  • Knxwledge
  • Strange U 
  • Etta Bond
    Close As I Can Get
  • Fauzia 
  • Seven Davis Jnr
    Demo 1999
  • Minority Band
    Tasty Treat
  • Moon B
    Cold G
  • Jayson Hogans
    A Daydreamer
  • Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange 
    Kreuzberg Kix
  • Seven Davis Jnr
    We Should Go Out
  • Close Encounters
    Speak Truth Ft. Allysha Joy
  • moon 
    Inna Dance feat. Sticky Dub
  • AceMo
    Ancestors Beat
  • Kush Jones 
    What The Dream Was Made Of
  • Steve Spacek
    The Ice Sands
  • Jab 
  • Moses Boyd
    2 Far Gone Ft. Katy B
  • Calibre
    Say Enough Ft. DRS
  • Kush Jones 
    Will You Dance
  • DJ Godfather feat. Lil Mz 313 
    Keep My Name Out Your Mouth
  • Kid Lib
    Time To Dance
  • Blame 
    Star Traveller
  • Photo & Digital
    Your Sound