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Andras - Old Gold Pt.2

Melbourne, 13.10.21

With Andras

All flavours of acoustic & historical nuggets from Andras - Melbourne production wiz, composer & sleuth of musical ephemera…


  • Estupendo 
    Dame La Vuelta
  • A.R. Wilson
    Moonlight Flat
  • Matmos 
    For The Trees
  • Kevin Peek 
  • Moon Socket 
    Almost Spring
  • The Trash Company
    I’ll Slide Away
  • Unknown Artist
    Unknown Title
  • Peter Harris
    I’ll Be Back
  • Peter Charles Macpherson
    Morning After The Night Before
  • Sunforest 
    And I Was Blue
  • Eddy Currant Supression Ring
    Rush To Relax (Demo Version) (In Reverse)
    21 Gram
  • d'Eon 
  • City Slickers 
    Post Nuclear Kentucky
  • Yximalloo
  • Star Searchers 
    Chengjiang Fauna
  • Monopoly Child Star Searchers 
    Champagne’s Amazon Friend