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Andras - old gold pt.3

Melbourne, 10.11.21

With Andras

All flavours of acoustic & historical nuggets from Andras - Melbourne production wiz, composer & sleuth of musical ephemera…


  • Peggy Williams 
    Instrumental Collage
  • The Golding Institute 
    Burger King (John Daly Boulevard, Daly City, CA)
  • Peter Martin, Finch 
    Drouyn Theme
  • Soy Fan Del Dark 
  • Burzum 
    Rûnar Munt Þû Finna
  • Crow44
    Working In The Fields
  • Tornarssuk Tribe, Siberia Ussr
  • Stephen Rippy, Chris Rippy, Kevin McMullan, David Rippy 
    The Bovinian Derivative
  • Geldurum 
    Limb Of The Sun
  • Dave Bixby 
    Open Doors
  • Daniel Melero
    Le Caine
  • Jpwbc
    Renaldo And The Loaf
  • A Cloakroom Assembly 
    Retreat 1.08
  • A.R. Wilson 
  • Graham Lambkin, Jason Lescalleet 
    Lucy Song
  • The Lord’s Garden
    Conversations II
  • Bioshock Infinite OST
    Everybody Wants To Rule The World
  • Sister Irene O’connor
    Springtime In Australia
  • Lord Litter 
    In The Spring Of Life
  • Syntheclectico
    Year Of The Fire Rooster
  • Pornosect 
    Year Zero
  • Joshua Chuquimia Crampton 
    Smoke 〜Blossom〜
  • Neurogenesis (Jeese Glass And Rod Summers)
    Track 9