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Angel Bat Dawid

Chicago, 01.09.20

With Angel Bat Dawid

Monthly vibrance & light from the Chicago based composer, pianist, clarinetist & jazz oracle.


  • Funkadelic 
    If You Don't Like The Effects, Don't Produce The Cause
  • Sam Trump
  • Nubia Garcia (Feat. Akenya)
    Boundless Beings
  • Ini & Pete Rock
    Life I Live (Instrumental)
  • Anti-Pop Consortium Vs Matthew Ship
    Places I've Never Been
  • Anti Pop Consortium 
    Nude Paper
  • Beans (Feat. Hemlock Ernst)
    Anti-Star System
  • As Valet 
    Brotha From An Otha Planet
  • Max Cilla 
    La Flute Des Mornes
  • Israel Strom
  • Group Home 
    Livin' Proof (Instrumental)
  • Radius
    Earth Song Blessing
  • Radius
    Temple Synchronized/Highly Praised (Ft. Dj Moppy)
  • Radius
    Earth Hydration (Root & First Eye Chakra)
  • Sense & Radius
    Era Of The Tec
  • Sunshine Lombre
    Now Is Not The Time To Be Neutral
  • Dr. Charles G. Hayes, The Cosmopolitan Church Of Prayer Choir 
    Jesus Can Work It Out