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Climbing Ombú w/ Arnaldo

Berlin, 14.06.17

Berlin-based Argentinian Arnaldo plays records on NTS once a month for a couple hours. If he owns it. He will play it.


  • Earth, Wind & Fire 
    Brazilian Rhyme
  • The Parish
    Serengheti Echoes - Parellel Dimensions L.P
  • Henrik Schwartz
    Marvin 2002
  • Mariah 
    心臓の扉 Shinzo No Tobira
  • Arnaldo
    With Love - Forthcoming
  • Kon
    Gold Finger Edits?
  • Pino D'Angio 
    Ma Quale Idea
  • Cymande 
    Brothers On The Slide
  • Donald Byrd 
  • Larry Heard, Mr. White 
    You Rock Me (Edit)
  • Chris Rea 
  • Wommack And Wommack
    Life Is A Ballgame
  • Nu Frequency
    Fallen Hero
  • Sade
    Oye Edit
  • Phaze Action
    In The Trees
  • Ten City (Joe Claussell mix) 
    All Loved Out (Love Serenade)
  • Tangoterje Terje
  • Paxton Fettle
    Not Bad For A Tenner E.P
  • Romantony
    The Wanderer