Live now

Climbing Ombú w/ Arnaldo

Berlin, 22.02.17

Berlin-based Argentinian Arnaldo plays records on NTS once a month for a couple hours. If he owns it. He will play it.


  • Don Cherry
    The Queen Of Ting Ting Lake (Relativity Suite Album)
  • Bueno Vista Social Club
    Chan Chan
  • Ernest Ranglin
    Earth Sound 001 (Thrilling Late 60's Nyabingi Jazz, Absolutely Killer)
  • Talkin Heads
    Slippery People (Cassette Version)
  • Wareika Hill Sounds 
    No More War
  • Francis Bebe
  • Black Slate 
    Romans Dub
  • African Head Charge 
    Some Bizarre
  • New Aged Dance
    Flight Of The Navigator(1990) (Rush Hour Reissue 2013)
  • Shackleton feat. Vengeance Tenfold 
    Death Is Not Final
  • Recloose (Carl Craig mix) 
    Can't Take It (Carl Craig Mix)
  • Ifestyles Of A Laptop Cafe
  • Faze Action 
    In The Trees
  • Culuo De Song
    The Bright Forrest
  • Kerry Chandler Feat E Man
    Brooklyn (Shout Brooklyn Peeps)
  • Patrick Cowley
    Mocking Bird Dream (School Daze Reissue)
  • Soft Cell 
    Seedy Films
  • J Dilla feat. Phat Kat 
    Detroit Madness
  • Telefon Tel Aviv
    Fahrenheit Fairenough (Same Name Album On Ghostly Issue)