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Asher G's Caribbean Memories

London, 04.06.23

Classic Jamaican records from the "Rocksteady Daddy" Asher G.


  • I Roy
    Cool Cool Collie
  • Augustus Pablo 
    Bells Of Death
  • Jacob Miller 
    Forward Ever Backward Never
  • Keith Hudson 
    Don't Get Me Confused
  • The Dynamites 
    What Does It Take
  • The New Religion
    In The Beautiful Caribbean (Fisherman Song)
  • Scotty 
    Unbelievable Sounds
  • The Daltons 
    All Over The World
  • The Ethiopians 
    Give Me Your Love
  • The Ethiopians 
    Buss Your Mouth
  • The Ethiopians 
    Gun Man (Aka You)
  • Unknown Artist
    Unknown Track
  • The Skatalites 
    Freedom Sounds
  • Unknown Artist
    Unknown Track
  • Unknown Artist
    Unknown Track
  • The Reggae Boys
  • The Gaylads 
    Morning Sun
  • Unknown Artist
    Maximum Pressure
  • Roy Wilson 
    Dread Saras
  • Ken Boothe 
    Keep My Love From Fading
  • Jerry Butler 
    Need To Belong
  • Lynn Tatt & The Jets 
    Napoleon Solo