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Athens of the North

Edinburgh, 15.04.21

Edinburgh based party and reissue label present rarities and classics every month.


  • Design 
    Guess I Didn't Want You After All
  • Doug Parkinson 
    I´ll Be Around
  • Martin Island 
    Don't Give It Up
  • 52 Street
    Cool As Ice
  • Wings 
    Arrow Through Me
  • K.L. Hamilton 
    I'm Trying
  • Personal Touch 
    It Ain't No Big Thing (Part 1)
  • Consuelo
    Moi L'etrangere Un Peu Sauvage
  • Tony Troutman 
    What's The Use (Vocal)
  • Inell Young 
    What Do You See In Her
  • Sundown 
    Spaced Outta Place Pt. 1
  • Backyard Construction 
    I Want Your Lovin'
  • Morrissey Mullen feat. Carol Kenyon 
    Life On The Wire
  • Norma Lewis
    Magic Bullet
  • Sweet Energy
    Dancin' Easy Pt2
  • Sweet Energy