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Ben Sims Presents: Run It Red

London, 18.08.19

With Ben Sims

‘Run it Red’ sees bona fide techno legend Ben Sims showcases 2 hrs of the finest new house and techno he can lay his hands on.


  • Sweely 
    Please Stay
  • Urulu 
  • Tripmastaz 
    Got My Visa!
  • Newworldaquarium
    Mercury . Delsin
  • Delroy Edwards
    Funny Style. Apron
  • Basic Rhythm 
    The Light
  • Avision
    Retro. Unknown
  • Scan 7 
  • Ecilo
    This Is What We Do. Visillusion
  • Boris Acket 
    Znton 06
  • FJAAK 
    Turn It Up
  • Gforty
    Bargain Centre. Momb
  • Ryan Elliott 
    Get To You
  • Martinez 
    Inter Species Relations
  • Unknown
    Unknown. W R House
  • Truncate 
    Utility 2
  • Nikk 
    Force Of Pleasure
  • Secretsundaze 
  • Joe Claussell Pres Cosmicdelic Africa
    Okoasambi (Traditional). Sacred Rhythm
  • Franco Cinelli
    BC. Bass Culture
  • AWOL
    54 973379, -1 614705 (Markus Suckut Remix). Jaunt
  • JTC 
    Innerloire Rendezvous
  • Haus!, Hawkes! 
    Feel So Real
  • Chambray 
    Where You At?
  • Cari Lekebusch 
    Flip A Lid
  • Frag Maddin
    Gotta Run. Misstress
  • Fabio Monesi
    Flanger City. Craggy Knowes
  • Gforty
    Todo Esse Caos No Mundo. Momb
  • John Jastszebski
    Wonder. Bass Cluture
  • Spencer Parker (Fadi Mohem mix) 
    You’re Under My Control Now (Fadi Mohem Remix)
  • Submerge And Hiroko
    X.SPE.8086 (Truncate Remix). Impact Mechanics
  • Tom Flynn
    I Don't Know. Into Orbit
  • JTC
    FlightSTRENS2Rd. Spectral Sound
  • Sanso
    Crcketz. Wilson
  • Mark Forshaw
    Hoax. Unreleased
  • Do The Du 
  • Ken Ishii (Industrialyzer mix) 
    Escape (Industrialyzer Remix I)
  • TR 
    Tribe Task
  • Truncate 
    The Bell
  • Vil 
  • Cosmin TRG 
    Mae Geri
  • Absent
    Thin Leaves. Beardman
  • TWR72
    Summer Bod. Float
  • Deniro 
    Monsoon 2
  • Oscar Mulero 
  • Unknown Artist
    Gateway To Infinity. Chronicles
  • Shifted 
    The Light Touch
  • Sleeparchive 
    Trust (v.2)
  • Cloze Encounter & Stndrd
    Contra. Primitive State
  • Andres Gil (Moteka mix) 
    Radiation (Moteka Remix)
  • TWR72
    Pinch. Float
  • LSD 
    Process 6
  • Vohkinne 
  • Electric Rescue (Joton mix) 
    TST 04 (Joton Remix)
  • Rove Ranger
    Metrik. Android Muziq
  • Cari Lekebusch 
    Off The Hinge
  • Blue Hour
    Front (D Dan Remix). Blue Hour
  • Moteka
    Dystrophy. Newrhythmic
  • Jeff Mills 
    Stabilising The Spin
  • PVNV 
  • Petrichor 
  • Systm B
    Long Tail. AtJazz
  • Premis 
    Awkward Eye Contact
  • Premis 
    Commonly Known