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Ben Sims Presents: Run It Red

London, 20.08.17

‘Run it Red’ sees bona fide techno legend Ben Sims showcases 2 hrs of the finest new house and techno he can lay his hands on.

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  • DJ Boring
    Lonely Valentine
  • Ron Blanco & TRP
    Lady Haze. Down By The Lake
  • DJ Deep
    Cavalier Drums
  • Karol Aleksander
    Jesienny Pan
  • FOLD
    Alan Whickers
  • Nyra
    Tears I Can't Hold. Canoe
  • DJ Jes
    Between The Lines
  • Cody Currie
    Infinity I & II
  • Adryiano
    Oh Not Again. Shall Not Fade
  • Nyra
    Music Is The Way. Canoe
  • Anthony Fade
    Champagne Paradise. Shall Not Fade
  • Adryiano
    Nite Talk.Shall Not Fade
  • Radio Slave
    No Words / Just This
  • DJ Deep
  • N&A
    Old E . Unreleased
  • Anthony Fade
    Creepin. Shall Not Fade
  • Nthng
  • Carlos Nilmmns
    Untitled 001
  • Avision
    That's My Sh*t (Original Mix)
  • DJ Rush
    In The Bag. Knee Deep
  • Elisa Bee
    Mass. UTTU
  • Vin Sol
    Bondage Taped. Honey Soundsystem
  • Frankie Bones
    Bump Your Head
  • Johannes Heil With Markus Suckut
    Gospel Eleven. Odd Even
  • Tripeo
    Untitled #15
  • MachineWoman
    I Want To Fuck Tech House. Technicolour
  • Jon Gurd
    Pizzaha. Tanck
  • Rod Malmok
    Backstabber. Rod Malmok
  • Mark Broom
    LX. EPM
  • Mark Henning
    Brilliance Of The Sun. ?
  • Slam
    Convection. Soma
  • Mattias Fridell
    Physical Facts. Gynoid
  • Rhombic
    Go For A Bike Ride. Coincidence
  • Border_One
    Diffuse. Invites Choice
  • Jose Pouj
    Structural Abnormalities (P.E.A.R.L. Remix). Injected Poison
  • Dimi Angelis
    Triplicity - ANGLS
  • PAS
    Desert Races. Mote Evolver
  • Exium Meets Reeko
    Circuit IV. Nheoma
  • DJ Spider & Phil Moffa
    First Contact. Out Er
  • Clouds (UK)
    Nitrous & Oxide
  • Hodge
    Swing for the Fences
  • Dustmite
    Advanced Persistent Threat
  • Dax J
    Late Night Mistress. Klockworks
  • Drew Sky & Lester Fitzpatrick
    Acid Freak. Urban Kickz
  • Elisa Bee
    Awaken. UTTU
  • Daniel Andreasson
    Stay. Skudge
  • Alvinho L Noise
    IPA Is The Answer. Primitive State
  • Marcelus
    TR 165. Suburban Avenue
  • DJ Surgeles
    Translunar Experiences. RMR
  • Neel
    Bassiani Token
  • Eric Fetcher
    Transcendent Wisdom
  • D Func.
    The Cloud. Konsequent
  • Inland
    Cosinaxis (3KZ Remix). Black Crow
  • Jeroen Search
  • TWR72
    Lavender. Float
  • Echelon
    002/B2. Echelon
  • Lewis Fautzi
    Ancient Way
  • Volte-Face
  • Ritzi Lee
    Substract. Klockworks
  • Marla Singer
    RE-20 (Endlec Remix). Binary Cells
  • Randomer
    Foghorn. Dekmantel
  • Toms Due
  • Uneri
    Endless Rain. Unreleased
  • Opuswerk
    Derzhprom (Keith Carnal Remix)
  • Trevino
  • Taken
  • Kolde
  • M-Twelve
    Time Spent. Electrix
  • Ryan James Ford
    Ken's Defekt
  • Skee Mask
    Kappelberg Chant