Bergsonist w/ Rose E Kross

New York, 17.08.19

With Bergsonist

Derived from Deleuze's Bergsonism, Bergsonist uses intuition as a method to deliver her instinctive psychoanalytic theories. She will use this monthly residency as storage space; by process of infection, her mushrooming sonic archive will gently occupy the airwaves.


  • I Jahbar
    DemNoBad (SKRS Prod.)
  • Sepehr
    Roll The Dice
  • Bookworms
    African Rhythms
  • Toma Kami
    Negative Extasy
  • Helm
    Sout With Spice
  • Doxa
    Spiraling Upward
  • Bergsonist
    Freak You Edit
  • Player
  • Bergsonist
    Vanished Earth
  • Gunar Haslam
  • Warren Mark Way
    Tripped! (Goodbye To Berghain Version) Feat. John Rohrer & Kroba
  • Via App
    The Beast Beneath
  • Bergsonist
    Galactic Media
  • Telex
    Rendez-Vous Dans L'Espace
  • A Guy Called Gerald
    Emotions Electric
  • 1. Upsetting Keys
    Our Keys R Dark
  • 2. Da Sampla
    The Rider
  • 3. Population One
  • 4. Cliche
    When The Snow Falls
  • 5. Sweet Exorcist
    Psych Jack
  • 6. Hieroglyphic Being
    Kilometer Zero
  • 7. Richard Gamble & Michael Rogers
    Telekinesis Up
  • 8. The Key Processor
    Feary Tales

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