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Bokeh Versions w/ DJ Ductape

London, 03.06.20

Bokeh Versions are all about no-world psych, swamp dub, forest noises, cyberphunk dembow and ritual industrial. An hour every month of tripped guest mixes beamed from the BKV hive in Bristol.


  • Monte Cazazza 
    First / Last
  • Camila De Laborde 
    We Are Conducting
  • DJ Ductape
    Walkie Talkestra Sample
  • Ruth Anderson 
    The Pregnant Dream (1968)
    Femmes D Intéreur
  • Mama Matrix Most Mystical
    Under The Sheets
  • Jocy De Oliveira
    Esttoria II
  • Sociobab
    AMn NMn
  • Bernard Parmegiani
    Matiieres Induites
  • Klein 
    Claim It
  • No Grills
    Hot Wavs
  • Low Jack
  • Jay Glass Dubs feat. DJ Saisho, Dali de Saint Paul, Franco Franco (Kinlaw mix) 
    Compound Dub
  • AGF
    Capita-Lis-Monster Feat. Angela Dimitrakaki
  • Lotic 
  • Furacao
    Tire A Camisa
  • Marcus (Not Singing)
    To `be Possessed
  • Ben Ritz 
    Trope Insurance
  • Harrga 
    Femmes D'intérieur
  • Kompromat 
  • Divorce 
    Snob Value
  • Concentration
    Grun Im Gesicht
  • AGF 
    dis dance
  • Diamanda Galás 
    I Put A Spell On You
  • Cat Women
    Of The Moon
  • Eartha Kitt 
    I Don't Care