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Brown Up Your Feed Radio Hour w/ Mandy Harris Williams

Los Angeles, 02.07.20

Mandy Harris Williams' Brown Up Your Feed Radio Hour dissects everyday online behavior as it supports or erodes the many "isms" plaguing society today. Can we make the world a better, less fascist, and more sensually appearing place from our devices? Let's envision that future…


  • Richie Havens 
    Going Back To My Roots
  • Allison Limerick (Prod. Frankie Knuckles)
    Where Love Lives
  • (In Conversation With Joey Soloway 2016)
    Bell Hooks Remarks From Ending Domination At The New School
  • Chanté Moore 
    Wey U
  • Nina Simone
    Freedom Is A Feeling! Freedom Is No Fear! (1968)
  • George Howard 
    Only Human
  • Frederick Douglass (1852)
    Excerpts From "What To The Slave Is The Fourth Of July"
  • Inoj 
    Love You Down
  • Mandy Harris (Prod. Cromie)
    Evolution (World Premiere)