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Children of Zeus

Manchester, 12.03.23

With Children of Zeus

Children of Zeus's Konny Kon takes over our Manchester studio once a month to play upfront Soul, Classic Hip Hop & New RnB.


  • The P Brothers
    The Gas
  • Stevedoesmusic
    The One With The Train
  • D'mile
    Candy Rain Flip
  • Terri Walker 
    Finally Over You
  • Black Miller
    Eviction Notice
  • Ivanave Feat. Children Of Zeus
  • Kali Uchas
    Not Too Late
  • Unknown T Feat. Knucks
    Right Hand
  • JayO
  • Terri Walker 
    I Remember
  • Terri Walker 
    I Surrender
  • Manny Captim
    Freal 3style
  • Jordan Ward feat. Ryan Trey 
  • De La Soul 
    Trying People
  • Calibre Feat. MC Fats
    Drop It Down
  • DRS, Tyler Daley feat. LSB 
    Too Late
  • DRS, Tyler Daley feat. Calibre 
    I Remember
  • Tha God Fahim Feat. Your Old Droog
    Makin Rounds
  • Enny 
    No More Naija Men
  • Windy City 
    Win Or Lose
  • One Way
    Guess She Didn't Know