Circuits w/ Olly Chubb

London, 12.11.19

Connections in electronic music: the history of house and techno as presented to you by the wonderful Olly Chubb.


  • Phenix
    The Final Conflict
  • Dik Fozbee
  • Maurizio
    Domina (Maurizio Mix)
  • Inertia
    Nowhere To Run (Original)
  • The Gherkin Jerks
    Red Planet
  • Sandy Anderson
    It's Over (I'm Through)
  • Le Melange' Inc., China
    Tortured Journey (Radio)
  • Joey Beltram
    My Sound
  • The Reese Project
    Direct Me (Marty Hardy Mix)
  • Underground Resistance
    Hard Life
  • Epoch 90
    Last Night Of The World (War Zone)
  • Basic Channel
    Q 1.1/1
  • Tyree
    Nuthin Wrong
  • Reese & Santonio
    Truth Of Self Evidence
  • Detromental
  • Testone
    Sweet Exorcist
  • Scan-7
    Black Moon Rising
  • Xray Xperiments
    Round N Round (Vocal Mix)

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