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Colours - Hidden Chambers of Wu

London, 13.03.17

Variations of delectation presented by Kamelion Crying Hands: heavy hip hop, industrial, no wave and whatever else.


  • Kamelion Crying Hands
    Masters Dual Intro
  • Sunz Of Man
    Quiet Weapons For Silent Wars
  • Authorised F.A.M
    The Plan
  • Hell Razah 
    Renaissance Ages
  • Chef Raekwon 
    Butter Knives
  • Prodigal Sunn 
    Brutality (The Grindz Remix) (Instrumental)
  • Prodigal Sunn 
  • Ruthless Bastards
    Misery, Pain & Hunger (Instrumental)
  • Wu
    Tang Clan - 7th Chamber OG Version
  • Northstar 
    Pay Dues
  • Othorized F.A.M 
  • Wu-Tang Clan 
    Bring Da Ruckus
  • Bronze Nazareth Feat Masta Killa & Inspectah Deck
    The Road
  • Sunz Of Man 
    Let's All Agree
  • Method Man 
    Sub Crazy
  • Cilvarings
    In The Name Of Allah (Feat. Masta Killa, Killah Priest, Prince Rakeem
  • Sunz Of Man 
    Wicked Ways
  • Genius, GZA 
    Gold (Instrumental)
  • Timbo King 
    Show Us The Way
  • Killah Priest
    Open Curtain
  • Deadly Venoms
    Drug Free Feat Ol Dirty Bastard Shorty Shit Stain
  • Killa Sin 
    The Archer
  • Adrian Younge
    The Electronique Void Act 36
  • LA The Darken & Timbo King
    Death Chamber
  • Wu-Tang Clan feat. Cappadonna, Masta Killa, U-God 
    The Flood
  • Sunz Of Man 
    As It Was Written
  • Killarmy 
    Full Moon
  • Shyheim feat. Castro 
    Dust Juice
  • Cappadonna feat. U-God 
    If Its Alright With You
  • Ice, LA Tha Darkman/Wu-Tang 
  • Killah Priest
    Lotus Elephant
  • Wu
    Tang Clan - Park Hill Pt 2
  • Inspectah Deck 
  • Ghostface Killah Feat. RZA
  • Masta Killa Ft. RZA
  • Gravediggaz
    From The Dark Side Mental