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Conor Thomas

Manchester, 09.03.24

Boomkat & The Death of Rave stalwart Conor Thomas turns in a Latin Freestyle and Electro special.

"Passionate epics to choppy as fuck edits" - Two hours of Conor tracing Freestyle's arguably overlooked influence on early NYC Techno, UK Rave, Breakbeat, Jungle and the ensuing 'ardcore continuum.


  • Xēna 
    On The Upside (Dub)
  • Sweet Sensation 
    Hooked On You (The Diamond Dub Version)
  • Joannie
    Hold On (Club Mix)
  • Wendi Rogers 
    C'mon Lover (Dub Mix)
  • Janelle 
    Don't Be Shy (Dub)
  • Judy Torres 
    No Reason To Cry (Dub / Inst.)
  • N’N’W
    Diamond Girl (Edit)
  • Diana 
    Sweet Sensation (Blade Runner Mix)
  • Corporation Of One 
    The Real Life (Oppy Mix)
  • Frances 
    Surrender Your Love (The Melian Dub)
  • Johnny O (Tony Garcia mix) 
    Fantasy Girl (Tony's Fantasy Edits)
  • Full Of Information 
    Running (Remix)
  • Frankie "Bones", Bonesbreaks 
    And The Break Goes Again (Italia Mix)
  • Code 3 
    Code-Of-Acid (Code-Of Acid Mix)
  • Revelation 
    First Power (Domination Dub)
  • Technical Onslaught 
    The Calling
  • Looneytunes
    They Stole Our Break (Boyee!) (Dub Mix)
  • S*Express 
    Nothing To Lose
  • Fallout 
    Altered States (Dub)
  • Success And Effect
    Roll It Up/Let’s Do It (Carl Cox Mix)
  • The Octagon Man
    Freer Than Free
  • Bonesbreaks 
    Break Goes On & On
  • Earth To Mickey 
    Pleasure Comes And Pleasure Goes
  • Burial 
    Boy Sent From Above
  • DJ Buck
    Harry Freestyles