Death Is Not The End: Electro-Acoustic Tape Music 1940-1960s

London, 04.05.19

Death Is Not The End digs up the oldest of the old, serving up your gospel, blues and folk with a crackle. Hear the dust.


  • Laiyla And The Poet
    Halim El-Dabh
  • Incontri Di Fasce Somore
    Franco Evangelisti
  • Dripsody
    Hugh Le Caine
  • Wireless Fantasy
    Vladimir Ussachevsky
  • Concertando Rubato
    Oskar Sala
  • Two Moons Of Quatermass: First Moon
    Tod Dockstader
  • Anepigraphe
    Herbert Brün
  • Whirling, 2018 Remaster
    2018 Remaster - Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan
  • Low Speed
    Otto Luening
  • Etude Aux Chemins De Fer
    Pierre Schaeffer
  • Mutations
    Jean-Claude Risset
  • Four Aspects
    Daphne Oram
  • Electronic Music No.1, 2018 Remaster
    2018 Remaster - Bülent Arel
  • Klangstudie 2
    Herbert Eimert
  • The Forbidden Planet
    Louis Barron
  • Delta F
    F.C. Judd
  • Klangfiguren 1
    Gottfried Michael Koenig
  • Etudes Instrumentales: D) Percussions
    Tim Tam III - Pierre Henry
  • Prélude
    François-Bernard Mâche
  • Hommage à John Cage
    Nam June Paik
  • Sine Music
    Richard Maxfield
  • Study For Voice And Tape
    Alice Shields
  • Notturno
    Bruno Maderna
  • Reflexes
    Ton Bruynel
  • Sonata For Loudspeakers

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