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Night Shift w/ Diamondstein

Los Angeles, 28.01.17

With Diamondstein

Cold winds, empty street. Diamondstein, member of the band Melted Bodies, presents Night Shift - ambient techno, sinister industrial sounds, and moody experimental music for night time noir moments.


  • Sangam 
    11pm, Friday Night
  • Steve Moore 
    Intro & Credits
  • Facta 
    Something's Gonna Happen
  • Egyptrixx 
    Anodyne Wants To Ammo
  • Shed 
    Waved Mind
  • Doon Kanda 
  • Sendai 
    003 Archiefkwestie
  • Interstellar Funk (Convextion mix) 
    Caves Of Steel (Convextion Remix)
  • Gazelle Twin 
    Still Life
  • Keru Not Ever 
    Pink Chrome And The Smile Of Karenine
  • Demdike Stare
    Side B (Circulation)
  • Unknown Tape
    Aphex Twin
  • Emotion Engine
    Perfume Advert
  • Diamondstein