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Weaponise your sound w/ Diet Clinic

London, 10.01.22

diet clinic presents weaponise your sound.

an ever evolving entity.

weaponise your sound is a label with a focus on elevating female djs/ artist and supporters of.

it is a reflection of our environment, sexuality and psyche.

audio timestamped memories.


  • So Klarity
    Secrets Revealed
  • Klein 
  • No Moon 
    E Then Q
  • D'Archangelo
  • Glam (Fabrice mix) 
    My Mother Said (Cosmic Trance Mix)
  • Psychic TV, XKP 
    Speaking With Angels
  • Bergonist
  • Roza Terenzi & Jd
    Memories Of The Secret
  • Morgan Wild 
    Dionysian Dream Sacrament
  • Decha (Tapan mix) 
    Niebla (Tapan Remix)
  • Wess Seven
    Same Sad Eyes