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Discostan x Stefan Williamson Fa

Los Angeles, 16.12.20

Al-Andalus, the site of dreams, conflict, and confluence from the world over, for centuries past and into the future. From Lorca in Farsi and Khayyam in Andaluz, to the odes of Sufi "Hispano-Pakistani" Aziz Balouch, Azerbaijani ‘Spanish guitar’ and ‘flamenco sitar’, this mix traces musical connections, fantasies and imaginaries of Al-Andalus from Sevilla to Turpan.

Stefan Williamson Fa is an anthropologist and music producer from Gibraltar. His research and works focus on religion, music, and everyday forms of sonic expression in the Caucasus, Anatolia, and the Mediterranean. Stefan is a co-founder of Mountains of Tongues, a project which aims to promote musical diversity in the Caucasus.


  • Aziz Balouch 
    Granadina Arabe Del Siglo IX
  • Carlos Cano 
    El Rey Al-Mutamid Dice Adios A Sevilla
  • Ekram
    Bom Perde (Uyghur Region)
  • Agujetas
  • Najāḥ Sallām
    Yā Rīm Wādī Thaqīf (Lebanon)
  • Lole Y Manuel
    Alquivira (Andalucía)
  • Ahmad Shamlou
    Recites Federico Garcia Lorca (Iran)
  • Tahira Sayed
    Masjid E Qurtaba Words By Muhammad Iqbal (Pakistan)
  • Camarón De La Isla
    Viejo Mundo Words By Omar Khayyam (Andalucía)
  • Elman Namazoğlu
    İspan Musiqisi ‘Spanish Music’ (Azerbaijan)
  • Dolores Vargas
    Achilipu (Andalucía)
  • Engincan
    Çilli (Turkey)
  • Shahram Shabpareh
    Chili Pom (Iran)
  • Califato ¾
    Açeitunitâ Negrâ (Andalucía)
  • Tomtatito And Sheikh Ahmad Al
    Tûni (Andalucía & Egypt)
  • Camaron De La Isla, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 
    Nana Del Caballo Grande