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DNA: Raw

Manchester, 30.05.20

Sahar's DNA series traverses the many cultural and social landmarks of life with a focus on the rich music and mysticism of Iran providing the backdrop. Seminal sounds and experiences of a life thus far.


  • Arya Aziminejad
    Paytakht-5, Pt. XX
  • Parvin
    Che Konam
  • The Mouse Outfit
    Time Feat Ellis Meade
  • Mohsen Chavoshi
  • Arya Aziminejad
    Paytakht-5, Pt. VI
  • Bugle
    False Prophets (Snake)
  • بیژن مرتضوی, Bijan Mortazavi 
  • Red Anton & The Ligeria
    Trumpet Bush Feat Midnite
  • Parvin
    Tanha Shodam
  • Jah Cure 
  • Homayra
    Shabe Por Setareh
  • Alireza Ghorbani
    Shahrzad Intro I
  • Buju Banton 
  • بیژن مرتضوی, Bijan Mortazavi 
    انتظار عشق = Lounge Of Love
  • Parvin
  • Christopher Gunning
    Poirot Theme
  • Sonya Spence 
    Come With Me