DNA: Reconcile

Manchester, 17.08.19

This one's about process and pace, about grit and grace - about each and every shade of self.

Transmitting from the hottest summer ever recorded on earth, as the Amazon's sold off to agribusiness in unprecedented droves - in resistance we celebrate the world.

Delicate interconnections of time and space - past, present, and future selves converge. Cycles of seasons and rebirth and growth – metamorphosing from wind into fire into water into earth.

Sahar and Sizzla shoot the breeze and trade chess moves in a shaded glen, protected by panthers, birds, and bugs - every intricate interlink and ecosystem which energises our earth.

Iranian traditional, classical, and pop - with reggae beats and spoken word.


  • Hayedeh
    Dasthayeh To
  • Sizzla
    Mother Nature
  • Golpa
    Man Tora Assan Nayavardam Bedast
  • Koffee
  • Bijan Mortazavi
  • Eddie Lovette
    Mr Sea
  • Homayra
    Darya Kenar
  • Sizzla
    Good Morning
  • Sattar
  • Marjan
    Kavir-e Del
  • Sizzla
    That*s Why
  • Martik

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