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Doing Time w/ Real People Music

London, 26.06.22

Hampus Time presents Doing Time; classic sounds and unknown gems in a free-wheeling, anything-goes atmosphere: Disco, House, Italo & more.


  • L. D.
    It's For You (Dedicated To Jana Joy)
  • Mary Boyden 
    Good-Bye Morning Blues
  • Marcia Marie Rhoads 
    Song For Joan (Rhoads)
  • John Townsend 
    Rainy Rocky Mountain Day
  • Bob Burkett 
    Where Did All The Good Hoods Go?
  • Mike Collins 
    Backseat Blues
  • Guajardo & Norgaard
    Beside Me (Dedicated To Dad)
  • The Bunch
  • Frunk 
    Close To You
  • Johnny Keyes 
    The World's Gettin Harder
  • Indra Allen 
    Pregnant Blues
  • Peter Glazer, Gordon Lee 
    To Get By
  • Steve & Nancy
    The Rain Song (Dedicated To Mom)
  • Laurie & Marty
    Baby Blue (Dedicated To Enne)
  • Mitch Furrow & The Echos 
    Crying In The Rain
  • Joan Brooks
    The Letter (Dedicated To Semaya)
  • John Townsend
    Interlude Pt. 1
  • Mitch Furrow & The Echos 
    Cry Baby
  • Karen & Paula
    April Come She Will (Dedicated To Lil Keno)
  • Shae
    Fly Me (Dedicated To Bibi)
  • Rick Judd
    This Masquerade (Carpenters Cover)
  • Ron Kadlec 
    The Sea
  • L. D.
    I Wish I Was (Dedicated To Grant)
  • Country Folk
    Sound Of Silence
  • Annie Nininger 
    I Met You In The Morning
  • John Townsend
    Interlude Pt. 2
  • Ron Kadlec 
    The Inscription
  • Mohs 
    These Times
  • Steve & Dave 
    Find A Way
  • Dave Bryan
  • Bill Cobb 
    A View Of My Home
  • Lord Led
    I Heard A Voice (Dedicated To Joana Hil. )
  • Unknown Acetate
    Case History 609 (Dedicated To All Abused People)
  • L. D.
  • Joan Brooks