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Doing time w/ Martin Dahl (Arkivet)

London, 22.08.21

Hampus Time presents Doing Time; classic sounds and unknown gems in a free-wheeling, anything-goes atmosphere: Disco, House, Italo & more.


  • Lasse Englund 
  • Don Thompson
  • James DeFrates
    Sweet Appaloosa
  • Two Rivers
    Cast Out From The Castle
  • Richard Kneeland 
    Present Your Errors
  • Jon Soderman 
    Adam Of Monhegan
  • Homecoming 
    Your Choice
  • Raunchy 
  • Purple Wine 
    It's My Mind
  • Lazer 
    Sweet Thing
  • Jeff Eubank 
    Kamikaze Pilot
  • Steve Linnegar's Snakeshed 
  • Jody Koenig 
    If I Walked For Miles
  • Jim Thomson II And Preflyte
    Eternal Light Brigade
  • Alan Wachs
    Anna Lena
  • Eric Relph 
    Stoned Louis
  • Bert Keely
    Mari’s Song
  • Ilian 
    Saturday Song
  • Myke Jackson 
    Lost On A Wave
  • Doc Holiday
    I Dreamt I Went Sailing Last Night
  • Cinderella 
    From Town To Town
  • Near Future 
    Wait For The Dawn
  • Al Manfredi 
    Blue Gold
  • T Kail