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Don't Trip w/ Margarita

London, 15.01.18

Somewhere between banging your head against a brick wall and holding your breath under water.


  • The Caretaker 
    D4 - Denial Unravelling
  • Object Agency 
    Honey, I Automated The Kids
  • Larry Crywater 
    Jam And Bread
  • Nadah El Shazly, ندى الشاذلي 
    أفقد الذاكرة = Afqid Adh-Dhakira (I Lose Memory)
  • The Slowest Lift 
    Hi From The Skyline Swim
  • La Fondation 
    Holidays En España
  • Kepla A DeForrest Brown Jr
    Reflex And Bone Structure
  • Wakhévitch, Igor
    Grand Sabbat Luciférien (Regime Des Arches)
  • Larry Crywater
    Maurice's Hotel Death Rimy
  • Back To The Future The Ride 
    A New Species Is Born, Whose Invulnerability Renders Violence Meaningless And A Horrible Peace Begins
  • Qasim Naqvi 
    Imagined Garages Pt. 2
  • 不失者 
    あいつの 名前をよぶな(No.2)
  • Ben Frost 
  • Father Murphy 
  • Martin Tetreauit
  • Clay Rendering 
    Myrrh Is Rising
  • Rat-Alarm
    Anthylistic Snore
  • Mute Channel 
  • Randy Greif 
    A Mile High
  • Various Artists
    A Practical Application Of An Abstract Ideal
  • Julia Holter 
    Try To Make Yourself A Work Of Art
  • Cirkus Gilmore
    02 Tre P+ Natta
  • Mark Dicker 
    ...Hell is a grammar school
  • Isobel Ccircle
    Decommissioned Vessel V3
  • Roughage 
    Links (Radio Waving)